Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Closing out the first trimester

At the close of the first trimester Baby Till was the size of a shrimp. I wasn't looking pregnant yet but I was still experiencing some minor symptoms that are common for the first trimester including; gagging, nausea and extreme fatigue. I was beginning to wonder if any of these symptoms would subside. Granted I had a very easy but it is frustrating to always be exhausted.

On top of my lovely symptoms I got sick at the end of my 13th week. And by sick I mean I was at home, on the couch, not even well enough to watch TV. You know your sick when you can't bring yourself to watch TV. After almost a whole day of dealing with body aches I finally called my Dr. and asked if I could take any kind of medicine to relieve the pain. He let me take some Tylenol, which was a miracle worker. I was still sick but body aches always make any sickness a million times worse.

After a long weekend of feeling ill I had my 2nd prenatal appointment. By this point I developed an ear infection and was glad to get a baby-safe RX to clear it up. But that's not all I was glad for at that appointment.

1st we learned we could get an ultrasound between 18-19 weeks rather than wait until 20 or more weeks, which is what Dr.'s normally say. But our Dr. said its easier to get a full picture of the baby if you go a little sooner.

2nd WE GOT TO HEAR THE BABY'S HEARTBEAT! It was the sweetest sound! It gave me a huge relief and a sense of this pregnancy being very real. When you don't look pregnant yet and you don't really feel pregnant it is easy to wonder if its "real". But hearing the heartbeat was just what I needed to close out my first trimester.

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