Monday, September 3, 2012

40 Weeks

Labor Day

10 things I did on Labor Day... our due date... except go into labor.

1. Looked through the Menards add and dreamed of all the stuff we should buy for our home. And seriously talked about buying new shutters since ours decided to self-destruct a few months ago.

2. Hung curtains in our basement.

3. Worked on our bathroom remodel. 
Added a hand-towel bar, a shelf and attempted to install a full towel bar but the one I bought was.... well... from Walmart's clearance and unfortunately there was a reason it was cheapo based on the quality (it didn't make the cut but the brackets are still there).

4. Visited with my Dad and Nana. We talked about how we hoped to see each other later today at the hospital; that's how Matt and I have ended most of our visits/conversations lately.

5. Made sure I had salsa for lunch.

6. Started a book.
Not a fantastic read but good enough to be entertaining. This is the last book in a 3 part series, I read the first one for book club and decided to finish the story.

7. Took an hour nap.  

8. Went for a brisk mile walk around our neighborhood.

9. Made a delicious dinner. 
Spicy kung pao noodles, lemon-garlic grilled chicken, corn on the cob and lemonade.... finished with a lindt truffle for dessert.

10. Updated this blog with all the things I did excpet go into labor. Here's hoping that kung pao kicks in soon... I mean make me go into labor ;)

Stay posted, she has to come out sooner or later!

Real Emotions_Sunday morning 9/2/12

Last night was rough. Not much sleep and wrestling in my spirit, very anxious for her to come... to start the labor process. Heard God telling me that I am in his will physically but rebellious in my heart. Broken this morning realizing how I have rejected the thought that he has my best in mind. I submit my heart to him now.... I know he has my best in mind. I know he will care for all things.
I lost sight of how precious it will be to partake in Gods redemption work in Alyssa. My labor and her birth is symbolic of Gods labor of love for us in Christs sacrifice. He labored in giving his life for us and then birthed new life for us in coming back to life as our savior. All in His timing...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Maternity Pics

Our dear friend Aleksa took our maternity pics. She did and AMAZING job and we can't thank her enough for capturing this big part of our marriage journey.


Alyssa's Room - Done

Dear Alyssa,
Your room has been ready for over  a week. It's ok, you can come now!
Mom and Dad
(oh wow... mom ... and ... dad??!! here we go!)

Click on the pic to see it bigger

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

33 - 39 Weeks

I can't believe how time has flown! SO many things have happened in the past 6 weeks.. here we go!

33 Weeks
We were at the very last week that our Dr. felt comfortable with us traveling far and so off we went to Matt's cousin's wedding in MN. It was a great trip! Nice to get out of town before Alyssa comes and a great time with family. Congrats to Katie and Nick!

Some of our highlights:

  • We went swimming in the hotel pool, so nice! It was such a weird feeling having all that baby weight just "disappear" in the water. I loved it!
  • We met up with our lovely friends Stephi and Trevor. They now live in MN and it was so great to see them and their new house!
  • We visited a historical home built for James J Hill that was once the largest private residence in MN in the 1890's
  • And of course we went to the Mall of America and saw one of Matt's favs

34 Weeks
We finally took our hospital baby class. It was an ALL DAY class on Sat. It was long but we knew that going into it and made the most of it. We both enjoyed it and feel prepped for our Alyssa to come!

35 Weeks
CHURCH BABY SHOWER! What a fun time!! So SO sooooo blessed by the ladies in my church! Thank you for an amazing day!

36 Weeks
At our Dr. apt I asked how I was measuring. Dr. said we seemed to be a cm small... which is no biggy but we used it as an excuse to schedule another ultrasound. I'm sure our Dr. didn't mind getting some extra stats on our Alyssa with our pending delivery. And we didn't mind seeing our little girl again! We scheduled the ultrasound for the following week, we would have another OB apt before then.

37 Weeks
Another adventurous Dr. apt.... my heart was beating irregularly and out of precaution we were advised to see a cardiologist. While I was on the phone at our OB making an apt for the cardio Matt asked our OB if he thought we were going to make it all the way to 40 weeks, he said probably not. Well... that was almost 2 weeks ago... we only have 6 days until our due date! Where is this baby?
We had our ultrasound the next day and everything went great. 3 important notes from the apt. 1) Alyssa officially made herself comfortable in the head-down position... making things a bit more uncomfortable for me. But this just means we are good to go for delivery! 2) she is definitely a SHE! 3) And according to the pictures we got Alyssa is going to have big, stubby feet. Poor girl! Hoping it was just the angle of the pic.

38 Weeks

We had the cardio apt talked to the Cardio and got an EKG. Everything seemed to look fine but as added precaution they scheduled an eco for 2 days later. Eco went fine and we got our good results at our next OB apt, which was the next day. This OB apt went very smooth and nothing to report. Just waiting for labor to kick in.
Matt and I have really kicked up our walking routine. We walk almost every day, sometimes 2 miles. This is a big deal for me in general since exercising has never been a normal part of my life. I am really enjoying it and am hoping the Lord looks

39 Weeks
I woke up in the middle of the night last Sunday night thinking I was having contractions but unfortunately they went away. I am so ready to meet our Alyssa and this was a pretty disappointing outcome for me. But I am confident in the Lord's timing. Just like everything else I am going to look back and think, "Of COURSE that's when He wanted it...." He always has perfect timing, just have to wait.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

32 Weeks

This week has been so very interesting. I am beginning to feel more pregnant and have started to do a lot of waddling. But at the same I still don't feel as pregnant as I though I should at 8 months.
Every night for the past 3 nights Matt and I have gone for some good walks and I am really thankful for that. First, it gives us a chance to chat about life. Second, it gets me off my rump :) Its getting harder to feel motivated to move around a lot and these walks help keep me going. I'm starting to feel uncomfortable in a variety of ways but walking really has been helping.
Alyssa is still moving a lot and getting hiccups every day. We think we can now tell which direction she is laying based on where the kicks and hiccups come from. Also, my tummy gets really lopsided sometimes and we can almost tell which bump is her head and which one is her body. That's a very recent thing for us and it is really exciting! But even through all this its still hard to believe there really is our baby in there. Can't wait to meet her and see her face!!
Stay tubed for more updates.
Less than 8 weeks!!!