Thursday, July 12, 2012

32 Weeks

This week has been so very interesting. I am beginning to feel more pregnant and have started to do a lot of waddling. But at the same I still don't feel as pregnant as I though I should at 8 months.
Every night for the past 3 nights Matt and I have gone for some good walks and I am really thankful for that. First, it gives us a chance to chat about life. Second, it gets me off my rump :) Its getting harder to feel motivated to move around a lot and these walks help keep me going. I'm starting to feel uncomfortable in a variety of ways but walking really has been helping.
Alyssa is still moving a lot and getting hiccups every day. We think we can now tell which direction she is laying based on where the kicks and hiccups come from. Also, my tummy gets really lopsided sometimes and we can almost tell which bump is her head and which one is her body. That's a very recent thing for us and it is really exciting! But even through all this its still hard to believe there really is our baby in there. Can't wait to meet her and see her face!!
Stay tubed for more updates.
Less than 8 weeks!!!

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