Sunday, July 8, 2012

Baby Showers

Here are some pics from our first 2 showers

Rimkus-Bussell Shower (Mary's Mom's side)

The lovely ladies who blessed us! 

Sister-Love :) This is my older sister Katie 

Praying for Alyssa!

Till-Houston Shower (Matt's Side)

Adorable decor/gifts!

Diapers and wipes... what more do we need???

Almost lost it with this precious gift; a blanket made by Matt's Grandma Marilyn. Alyssa's middle name will be Marilyn (which is also Matt's mom's middle name). While battling cancer Grandma Marilyn made this blanket to give to her coming grandchild (Matt). Now her great-granddaughter and namesake will get to enjoy it!

The fun bunch! So thankful for their love. 

The amazing hosts!!

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  1. you are looking too cute these days, mary! can't wait to meet Alyssa.