Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

10 things I did on Labor Day... our due date... except go into labor.

1. Looked through the Menards add and dreamed of all the stuff we should buy for our home. And seriously talked about buying new shutters since ours decided to self-destruct a few months ago.

2. Hung curtains in our basement.

3. Worked on our bathroom remodel. 
Added a hand-towel bar, a shelf and attempted to install a full towel bar but the one I bought was.... well... from Walmart's clearance and unfortunately there was a reason it was cheapo based on the quality (it didn't make the cut but the brackets are still there).

4. Visited with my Dad and Nana. We talked about how we hoped to see each other later today at the hospital; that's how Matt and I have ended most of our visits/conversations lately.

5. Made sure I had salsa for lunch.

6. Started a book.
Not a fantastic read but good enough to be entertaining. This is the last book in a 3 part series, I read the first one for book club and decided to finish the story.

7. Took an hour nap.  

8. Went for a brisk mile walk around our neighborhood.

9. Made a delicious dinner. 
Spicy kung pao noodles, lemon-garlic grilled chicken, corn on the cob and lemonade.... finished with a lindt truffle for dessert.

10. Updated this blog with all the things I did excpet go into labor. Here's hoping that kung pao kicks in soon... I mean make me go into labor ;)

Stay posted, she has to come out sooner or later!

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